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Stamtavla för labrador retriever / Pedigree for labrador retriever
Efter/Sire: SE VCH SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Briggle's Marble Muffin
Undan/Dam: Splash of Water's Princesse

SE VCH SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Briggle's Marble Muffin (s) Beechcroft's Royal Standard (s) US CH Classique Fire and Ice US CH Mijans Hot Stuff US CH Dickendalls Ruffy (s)
US CH Mijan's Some Like It Hot
US CH Valleywood Classique Gem US CH Anderscroft Mijans Bravo
Valleywood Genuine Appeal
Beechcroft's Perfecta GB CH US CH CA CH Beechcrofts Danish Skydiver Passingridge Black Prince
US CH Beechcrofts Skylark
US CH Beechcrofts Trifolium US CH Beechcrofts Edgewood Tomarc (s)
US CH Beechcrofts Clover of Ohenry
SE UCH Älvgårdens Royal Claret (s) SE UCH FI UCH LP Älvgårdens Brizard (s) Cindys John-Richard (s) NO UCH NORD UCH INT UCH NORD V-78 Licithas Blizzard (g)
Baronor Friday Girl (s)
SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Gun-Smokes Eliza (s) SE UCH Alexander (s)
Älvgårdens Heiress (s)
SE UCH FI UCH Älvgårdens X-Princess (s) SE UCH FI UCH Poolstead Pick of The Pops (s) GB CH Fabracken Comedy Star (s)
GB SHCH Poolstead Pictorial
Sorbus Nightingale (s) SE UCH FI UCH SE JCH Öframarks Disco (s)
SE UCH FI UCH NO JCH INT UCH SE JCH Sorbus Black Jewel (s)
Splash of Water's Princesse (s) NORD V-98 NORD UCH INT UCH Warringah's Cobblestone (s) GB CH Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway (s) Charway Uncle Tom (s) GB CH Charway Ballywill Will (s)
Wetherlam Black Cherry of Charway (s)
GB SHCH Cambremer All That Jazz (s) GB CH Kupros Master Mariner (s)
Cambremer Montclair
GB CH Warringah's Whortleberry (s) GB CH Warringah's Harlech (s) GB CH Charway Ballywill Will (s)
GB SHCH Warringah's Hot Property
GB CH Warringah's Flinders (s) Wetherlam Storm of Lawnwood (s)
GB CH Warringah's Fair Dinkum (g)
SE VCH Elmshorn Diana (s) Loresho Twinjet (s) FI UCH Loresho Ozzie (s) EE CH FI UCH INT UCH Bubbling Churchill
FI UCH Mallorn's Jersey Sour
FI V-95 FI UCH INT UCH Loresho Jell-O Mardas Maroon
FI UCH Loresho Fine Black Lace
Elmshorn Criss Cross (s) AU CH Guideline's Campaign (s) Novacroft Arris (s)
Cambremer Copy Cat (s)
Elmshorn Four of Hearts (s) Smart Fellow's Four Leaf Clover (g)
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