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Stamtavla för labrador retriever / Pedigree for labrador retriever
Efter/Sire: Östbygårdens Aspirant
Undan/Dam: Splash of Water's Princesse

Östbygårdens Aspirant (g) Spik-Lasses Lurifax (g) Rambo of Downfarm (g) GB FTCH Glencoin Drummer of Drakeshead Drakeshead Tasker
Glencoin Daffodill
Black Sky Gipsy GB FTCH Gunstock Teal
Like'ims Cox Orange (g) NO JCH SE JCH Iliadens Haimon (s) Manymills Electron (s)
NO JCH SE JCH Allez Isabelle (s)
Like'ims Sammy Jo (s) NORD UCH INT UCH Mallards Clay Basker (s)
Lawnwood's Black Bess (s)
SE VCH Tale Esmeralda (g) Manymills Hokum (s) Manymills Hobby GB CH Abbeystead Herons Court
Manymills Jaffa
Manymills Ladybird Manymills Drake
GB FTCH Manymills Milady
Lillimar's Gift (s) SE UCH Sauranor (s) SE UCH FI UCH Älvgårdens Mike (s)
Älvgårdens Rorty (s)
SE UCH FI UCH Älvgårdens Kahlua (b) Cindys John-Richard (s)
SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Gun-Smokes Eliza (s)
Splash of Water's Princesse (s) NORD V-98 NORD UCH INT UCH Warringah's Cobblestone (s) GB CH Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway (s) Charway Uncle Tom (s) GB CH Charway Ballywill Will (s)
Wetherlam Black Cherry of Charway (s)
GB SHCH Cambremer All That Jazz (s) GB CH Kupros Master Mariner (s)
Cambremer Montclair
GB CH Warringah's Whortleberry (s) GB CH Warringah's Harlech (s) GB CH Charway Ballywill Will (s)
GB SHCH Warringah's Hot Property
GB CH Warringah's Flinders (s) Wetherlam Storm of Lawnwood (s)
GB CH Warringah's Fair Dinkum (g)
SE VCH Elmshorn Diana (s) Loresho Twinjet (s) FI UCH Loresho Ozzie (s) EE CH FI UCH INT UCH Bubbling Churchill
FI UCH Mallorn's Jersey Sour
FI V-95 FI UCH INT UCH Loresho Jell-O Mardas Maroon
FI UCH Loresho Fine Black Lace
Elmshorn Criss Cross (s) AU CH Guideline's Campaign (s) Novacroft Arris (s)
Cambremer Copy Cat (s)
Elmshorn Four of Hearts (s) Smart Fellow's Four Leaf Clover (g)
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